*facedesk x 100*

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Apparently there is a downside to spending too many odd moments jotting down bits and pieces, and that is that it makes me all too easily forget to track/log my shit properly. AAAUGH.

(Aka: guess who just spent over half an hour doing extensive file forensics to figure out when the fuck I wrote what in the last week? *facepalm*)

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Flaillock: ENGAGE

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(I... seriously feel that I should officially credit ushobwri with this whole spring, because if I hadn't had reason to dig up that one older snippet for that one workshop at the start of February, and consequently get all Excited, I really don't know that Rev would have reared up and swallowed me whole the way it did. <333333)

*) you know, by this end-noted definition of the concept, ie "one who actually writes" and also "one who is actually capable of finishing things".


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Er, yeah.

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Writing dilemma of the moment: figuring out how to write a trope I often find really damn skeevy in a non-skeevy way. /o\ /o\ (I think I cracked it, but man, did I tie my brain into knots before I finally got there. /o\ /o\ /o\)

The problem, there, with tackling plots that a) were first outlined over a decade ago b) originated in something that was essentially complete crack. :D; (Things that may fly in crack may suddenly look a lot dodgier when applied to something more emotionally realistic, ahaha...)

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( my turn ), mixes, dance!, musakz

(The temptation recently to just go ahead and make him a ficpod*: unfortunately high. XD; NOT THAT THIS MAKES THE FIRST TIME. *cough*

Characters with pronounced music tastes: gaaaaaaah.)

Apropos Katy B, oh look Still is now a single! :D *APPROVED*

Further perks of Little Red: Sapphire Blue making me check up on production credits and go "OH HI JACQUES GREENE I'D FORGOTTEN YOU EXISTED, ALLOW ME TO IMMEDIATELY RECTIFY THAT".


AlsoCollapse )


*) aaand since the internet at large doesn't seem to think the term exists, lemme just link to the old comm that spawned (or at least spread) it for a definition, should anyone need one.

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Oh booze industry, you the best

&lt;3, fannish/geeky, yay!, ( kenzi glee ), all of 6 y.o.

(This message brought to you by my cocktail book, and the stripped-down version of the cocktail I bought the Grasovka for in the first place being way, way tastier. <33333)

(Also brought to you by me getting meds for my stupid, uncharacteristically stubborn sinus infection, and thus being able to drink again without making my facial bits cry. <333333!)

Other random notes:

-I finally got fed up with Ruby's limited wallpaper collection (previously consisiting entirely of the system ones and anything culled from recently played casual game special editions; not a good assortment when I'm looking to match my finicky writing environment requirements du jour, haa), and fed "wallpapers abstract" into google; 400 downloaded wallpapers in one browsing session, whoops. XD (AT LEAST MOOD MATCHING AIN'T A PROBLEM NO MORE. Ahahahaha.)

-(...bloody hell, I drank that double Horizon WAY too fast. XD;;;;)

-Dudes, the rarefandom fic that went two years before it got a kudos (although it did have two private bookmarks for ages before that, read: I totally hit someone right in the kink, didn't I? \o/ \o/) just got two more in one day! Obvious case of someone reading something and going "OH SHIT DUDE CHECK THIS OUT" at a friend, y/n? :D

-Speaking of hitting people right in the kink, man, as soon as the brain stops being so ridiculously obsessed with Rev, I am so gonna have to write that La Fae Epoque genderfuck dream sex fic. BECAUSE UNF. (To reiterate: [Gratuitous Screencap link~~].)

(Also, man, let's not even mention how long it's been since I wrote any proper porn. *SOB*)

-And apropos Rev, AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHH the obsession finally loosened up enough to at least let me skip back in the timeline and poke at the backstory stuff. \o/ (I just blazed through two weeks of timeline in a little over 1k words, whaaaaat. I suspect it might not actually take that big a wordcount at all to hit all the major points in that plotline. o_o I MIGHT ACTUALLY GET THAT SHIT FINISHED IN A FORSEEABLE STRETCH OF TIME. *mind: ~BLOWN~*)

(It's pretty sad that this is my version of drunk posting, isn't it? Either that, or impressive. You decide. XD)

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Yeah, I'm officially at the point where I can't think about anything but the thing I'm writing. I have heaps of tv to watch and fics to read just piling up, because my brain completely balks at the idea of engaging with characters that aren't Those Specific Ones. XD;

I mean, this would all be well and good if I was actually writing to match my level of obsession, but lol, nope, still as spotty as usual. My brain keeps taking a few days (at a minimum) to give me new stuff once I've exhausted the last shot of content, but can I actually disconnect enough to do anything ELSE in those fallow days? HA HA HA HA HA HA HA.


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And in closing, have some more Katy B (BECAUSE, AGAIN, ~REASONS):

(Yes, that is in fact 100% on topic. XD)

*) Mind you, there's actually a straight-up concrete answer to that, as well, that being "to [personal profile] mythopoeia and ushobwri", haha. Yay for places I feel comfortable being as obsessed as I want about my writing, I guess? :D

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La la la /mythopoeia masterlist. (Because I figured giving hypothetical readers some kind of chronology for all those scattered snippets probably wouldn't suck.)

Okay, so really it happened because I decided to put a masterlist of the draft filters together partly for my own convenience, and this one kind of came along for the ride. Since I had all the data collated anyway, and all that. :D

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Dances around in gleeeeee!

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This will only make any sense to someone who's been playing My Singing Monsters for a while, but:

Grumpyre egg in breeding structure


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Because I'm looping Little Red (for ~Reasons), and this one just keeps on killing me every time it comes around:

[Katy B - Still]

(JFC, her voooice. *_*)

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Lololol er.

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I just exploded into a GIANT MUSHROOM CLOUD OF RANT about a fic I read in something like 2008/07. APPARENTLY I'VE BEEN HOLDING A GRUDGE, THERE. XD;

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Er, WIP amnesty? :D

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I was flipping through the memos on my phone while running a file check (hoooly crap it did not take that long the last time I ran one; I've been pretty packratty lately, haven't I XD;) and came across an early scrap of this, and since even if I ever get the WIP it's connected to written (unlikely) this won't be included in the final version anyway, I figured, hey, what the hell. Why not amuse myself and post it? :D

From an Undercover Engaged at a Posh Couples' Retreat Bo/Kenzi tropefic that never took off, because AHAHAHAHA PLOT WTF HOW DO YOU PLOT. /o\ Bo & Kenzi brainstorming for cover stories! Too random and rambly to be anything but dead weight in an actual fic, but too fun an idea not to write anyway. *has zero spine when it comes to words that are cheerfully parading through my head, la la la*

rough-drafty randomness below the cutCollapse )

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Belatedly, re: the Lost Girl finale

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Because I figure it needs to be declared, heh. Probably-unpopular fannish opinion ahoy ("probably" because I haven't been in the mood to go near the inevitable wanksplosion on tumblr to find out whether it's shared, la la la)!

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You know what the very best part of having started to vid is? It means I'll have a great, satisfying creative outlet to fill the writing void come summer, <3! (Seriously, I'LL SO BE MAKING ALL THE VIDS THIS SUMMER. \o/ It's drawing the shorter straw vs. writing in the fight for my time at this point in the year, but in a few months, I'll be able to give it all my focus without the slightest bit of guilt. :D :D)

Considering I've currently got fiveish vids in the planning stages, I'll certainly have enough to do, haha.

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Okay, so I can't guarantee I'm legit done with the edits, but, but. I deemed it ready enough to publicly update the post with the remaining parts, at least, so I might as well link it before I chicken out again. XD;

(For reference: I talked a bit about writing this at the start of the month, should you remember. And if you're looking at those post dates, yeah, I did indeed write the first draft in four days, and then take the rest of the month to get the edits down. *cough*)

Anyway, I WROTE THE VERY, VERY START OF THE WHOLE WINDING STORYLINE, HOLY CRAP, AND IT'S KIND OF AN AMAZING FEELING. Everything that happens in Rev (and by extension Dis) happens because this sequence of events was there in the past, so, yeah, I'm pretty much flailing like all hell about having got it out of my head. *flapflapflapFLAP*

Reveille extended prologue, 3900 words, rating PGish.

(Takes place in '99, for the record. And also features several sneaky cameos from an earlier Hallverse story, because SHAME HAHAHAHAHA WHAT'S THAT. XD)

PS: This is now officially the longest finished thing I've posted, bloody hell. \o/ \o/ 200 words longer than my Yuletide fic, haha!

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Because it's THE ONE TIME I get to see the only sport I legitimately Care About. (Aka: the reason I've been comparatively MIA/kinda Failed Writering the past couple of weeks, ahaha.) O CURLING, why you gotta be such an unpopular sport around here. :( *takes and presses close to my heart FOREVER AND EVER*

I am feeling ridiculously wibbly over the fact that we're up to the finals already. Noooooo I don't want it to be another four years before it's on my tv again! ;_; Though on the other hand, getting my life back won't exactly suck, ahahaha. (I was watching three games a day during the round robins, okay. Edited-down games, but three games a day nonetheless. IT ADDS UP. XD;)

Some random specific rambling! Includes semi-final result spoilers, kind of.Collapse )

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Also aka my brain: CLEARLY STILL HATES MY GUTS. I'd been trying to get something writeable out of this prompt for three weeks to absolutely no avail, so OBVIOUSLY, I wake up the day of the already extended PB deadline to a long, long overdue hook to hang the fic off. /o\

Oh well, at least I did pull it off! With one hour to spare.* XD;;;

Ladies of Letters Go Sapphic, Ladies of Letters (TV), Vera Small/Irene Spencer, conflict, shenanigans, letters, arguments, friendship, drink, travel, adventures

(I am too much of a wet dishrag right now to upload to the AO3, so the Porn Battle thread only it is, haha.)

ETA: and some food and coffee later, it's up on the AO3! Side note: this is now the SEVENTH fandom (out of ten posted-in fandoms total) that I've added to the archive. XD; My personal fanwork motto being GO RARE OR GO HOME: ever as obvious, hahahaha.

*) I will mention here, most long-sufferingly, that I lost several hours in the afternoon to shaking the internet in a frantic attempt to make at the very least a proper recap of 2x01 fall out (the earliest episode of previously-unseen series 2 I'd managed to get my paws on in my preliminary canon grab being x05, sob), as I really needed to know what it may have revealed about the time between seasons. If I ever again decide I want to write a canon, to deadline, that I saw only half of two years ago and don't have copies at hand of, FUCKING STOP ME, okay? XD;

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Bam! Accomplishment: unlocked!

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I'm celebrating AO3 1,000,000 fanworks

The Old in the New (200 words) by credoimprobus
Fandom: Doctor Who (2005)
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Characters: Amy Pond, Rory Williams
Additional Tags: Double Drabble, Post-Episode: s07e05 The Angels Take Manhattan, AO3 1 Million
Summary: They're in New York for all of six months before they trip over a hostile alien incursion.

Aka haaa, look at me actually posting anything from that sprawling post-TATM Ponds headcanon! This fragment from it was a) nicely forgiving of how awful I was at writing the Ponds (ahahahaha /o\), and b) conveniently close in wordcount for a bit of editing to make it a double drabble, so it ended up getting to do the honours. :D

Reproduced below for archival purposes (because posting in multiple places = still a sensible idea)Collapse )

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