In case anyone on this side should care to know: 've posted two ficlets over at [personal profile] mythopoeia this month. Links & header-type infoCollapse )

Other things this month I've cheerfully blown off announcing earlier: switched to a new DW journal style for the season! Whiiich is basically the same colours I had before, haha, just with a lot more of them visible. <3 (Tangentially to all of which, DAMN but there'd been a metric fuckload of new themes and styles since my last switch-up. And that was just back in August! Also aaaaa man I would be so all *grabbyhands!!* over Albireo for Ciel (those colours!!!), except I know what that kind of brightness/border contrast does to my eyes if I'm reading against it for more than a minute. :( :( :( *all the woe*)

Aaalso (in closing), some random fresh artspam I uploaded for ushobwri's benefit over the month, should anyone here want a peek: randomthing #1, randomthing #2.

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Man, I love how when the words come, they come totally out of nowhere. All tumbleweeds for the better part of the month, and then suddenly 1k+ spread out between two-and-a-half new things over less than 24 hours! (And on languishing backstory ideas that I've given no significant mental attention to for years, at that. *hands of SERIOUSLY, WHAT*)

Brains: what the hell ya gonna do with 'em, anyway.

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Cut for the benefit of those wut don"t give a crap about my OCs, hahaCollapse )

And on the subject of The Flash's season finale: AAAAAAAA AAAAAAAAAA AAAAAAAAAAA AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA. (Feel free to engage in spoilery flailing with me in the comments, if you're thus inclined! *THIS SHOOOOOOOW~*)

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But I just got to this one and AFLKHLKFHGLJDSFLK!!:

HOW DID THAT MANAGE TO SNEAK INTO EUROVISION. :,DDDD (Never, ever thought I'd see the day when ~My Shit~ got representation on the Eurovision stage. Aaaaaaaaa I hope it makes it to final so I can vote for it till I'm blue in the face (because of course it's in the semi I can't vote in, aaargh).)

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(Also on DW here, but that side's rather less active.)

Because, you know, I just signed up*. :D (And because ~~TENTACLES~~.)

*) best timing ever to have just rebooted my art brain, Y/Y? \o/

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When viewing a journal's tag pages, you can change the URL to show you entries tagged with multiple tags. For instance, to view any entry in your journal tagged with either "kittens" or "puppies",,puppies?mode=or would be used. To view all entries in your journal tagged with both "kittens" and "puppies",,puppies?mode=and would be used. (From DW's tag FAQ page)

\o/ \o/ \o/ \o/!

(Clearly I need to start reading the DW FAQs for fun, rather than just for specific information, haha.)

ETA: and indeed, apparently LJ's had this all along too, ahahaha. I'd go "AUGH AND I CREATED ENTIRE TAG ARCHITECTURES JUST TO REPLICATE THIS", except honestly, having simple one-click access to frequently wanted topic combos/narrow-downs isn't exactly a bad thing anyway. :D

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Hi hello everyone allow me to just declare that this is my NEW FAVOURITE THING:

Becaaaause I MEAN:


*has basically been in pop-with-bonus-hijinks heaven all month (and also aaaaaaa WHEN IS THE SOUNDTRACK GOING TO BE OUT *grabby hands*)* <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

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Either excellent or terrible life choices (...seriously, I haven't decided which it is yet XD;): spending way too big a chunk of the weekend line editing/obsessively rereading some exceedingly button-mashing porn. UUUUGH GOD WHY IS EVERYTHING SO HOT. My brain is basically in a permanent state of hnnnnnnnnngghhh right now. XD;;;

I'd go SOMEONE PLEASE TAKE THESE DAMN SCENES AWAY FROM ME, but I'd probably suckerpunch anyone who actually tried, ahahahahaha. *sad addict*

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Wordcount roundup for February/March

(I wrote exactly one sentence of fiction in February, hahaha, so I didn't really think it was worth making a whole post for on its own last month...)

WordcountCollapse )

Roundup notesCollapse )

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Dear Photobucket: I know my browser is outdated, but seriously, that shouldn't even be an issue because HOW THE HELL DO YOU EVEN BREAK THE FUNCTIONALITY OF <IMG SRC="">.

Zero love,
a disgruntled user.

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Giant monster Barugon shoots a DEATH RAY RAINBOW from its back

*flails helplessly from the SHEER AMAZING*

(I would totally cap-post something from follow-up Gamera vs. Gyaos as well, except I could never pick what because EVERY SINGLE THING ABOUT IT WAS AMAZING. :D :D :D :D)

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And it's reveals!

So I made two vids this year, both for my assigned recipient, [personal profile] cupidsbow. (Which, seriously. BEST POSSIBLE of the assignments I could have scored, WHAT IS EVEN MY LUCK.) I'd kind of schemed to knock out some further treats in the two weeks between submission deadline and golive, but then vidding fatigue hit before I got past the planning stages on any of them, so, well.

Anyway, my festivids were:

Dance! (Armour of God series), aka Jackie Chan (& Compatriots) Being Awesome and Hilarious.
Summary: A thrilling action adventure! ...with some hiccups.

The tl;dr commentaryCollapse )

No problem so great (The No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency), aka The All Tea Drinking All the Time One.*
Summary: Teatime. (Or: "There is no problem so great it cannot be solved by a cup of bush tea.")

*) Seriously, the amount of tea drinking on that show + That One Line sure must have made an impression, because I actually had the idea to center my vid on it long before I even started reviewing for my assignment, when I was first browsing letters. :D

The (somewhat less) tl;dr commentaryCollapse )

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Festivids recs, batch 2

The part without quite so many words, because apparently that wasn't about to happen before reveals tomorrow, ahaha. (Damn fickle wordbrain.) Let it be noted that this is far from everything I've Particularly Enjoyed (tm) -- I have something like a third of the entire masterlist bookmarked for revisiting, okay, there is so much great stuff -- but these are my remaining particular particular favourites, at least.

Splitting them into two (extremely broad) categories, to offer at least some kind of clue as to what's on the other end of the link:

Things that made me go some variety of :D

Gone Tech (Almost Human)

Classic (Barbie: Life in the Dreamhouse)

Kinky Neighbors (Batman (1966))

Absolutely Me (Bend it Like Beckham)

Clu-oops! (Clue)

The Creationist (Good Eats)

Always a Good Time & Bewitched! (Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters)

The Other Man (The Man from U.N.C.L.E.)

Pugnantos Malos Nehos Pugnetis (The Middleman)

Hazy Shade of Winter (Moonrise Kingdom)

Mean Little Kitty (My Cat From Hell)

Funkdust (Stardust)

Things that made me go some variety of :O

The Monster (Black Swan)

Sweet Blossom (Heavenly Creatures)

Through the Deep, Dark Wood (How To Get Away With Murder)

All I Want (Life of Pi)

Infinite (The Perks of Being a Wallflower)

Renaissance! (Pleasantville)

The Girl You Like (RPF - Nicki Minaj)

Goodnight, Travel Well (Snowpiercer)

Seriously, though: that masterlist: full of so much more amazingness. Festivids! \o/

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Also: Festivids recs, batch 1

I haven't watched quite everything I mean to yet, but it's getting well close, so! Time to start collating my recs. :D

In alphabetical fandom order, with the only criterion for which ones went in this batch being "these are the recs I've found coherent enough words for at this point", ahaha:

Bad Girls (Bitch Slap)
PERFECT BITCH SLAP VID IS PERFECT. All the ridiculousness and shameless gratuitousness of the source turned up to 11, but way, way more stylish-looking. :D (Also, so happy someone else vidded this fandom, because if I'd been the one to do it -- it was on my "possible treats" list, and all -- it would not have looked anywhere near this great!)

Simple Machine (Caper)
The year's most effective recruiter vid, for my money. ADORABLE AND AWESOME. (The source can be found here, for the record, in case anyone else has the same HOLY CRAP HOW DID I NOT EVEN KNOW THIS EXISTED reaction I did. :D)

Fall behind me (Faking It)

Silent Fandoms (Festivids)

Tonari no Gamera (Gamera (Shōwa series))
Basically this makes me go ":D :D :D :D CLASSIC GIANT MONSTERS YAAAAAY :D :D :D :D", and then my heart explodes with joy and affection. AS IT DOES, you know. </giant, giant geek>

Nothing But Time (Gravity)
All the Gravity vids are 100% worth watching (and made me pick up and watch the movie ASAP rather than the nebulous ~someday it would otherwise have been), but this one is my definite favourite: it builds and builds and then EXPLODES, and the pacing and editing is just flawless. Amazing.

I Will Never Let You Down (Jump Street movies)
This made me go "awwwww" and clutch at my heart in the worst way, and I haven't even seen these movies. <3

Look Around You: Penguins (Mawaru Penguindrum)
ALJHBLBGDSADSLKHGAELKBAGDLKJ. Basically. (THE EGG. THE EVERYTHING. This is just a whole other level of brilliance, jfc.)

You & I Sail (Only Lovers Left Alive)
Dark and dreamlike and gorgeous. I could float around in the mood of this vid forever.

Black Widow (Practical Magic)
Absolutely amazing editing.

Long Live (RPF - LOTR Behind the Scenes DVD Extras)
I was basically sobbing for the last minute. HOW DO I STILL HAVE THIS MANY FEELINGS AFTER A DECADE.

Possibly the most flawless song choice of this year's Festivids crop, holy crap.

I Could Be (Selfie)
THEIR FACES. THEIR PRECIOUS, FAILTASTIC, ADORABLE FAA~CES. Also, that "why don't you like me" refrain: aaahahahahaha PERFECT, in the "not sure whether to laugh or cry" kinda way. *heartclutch* (Omg I am going to miss this show. ;_;)

Dolores (Syberia series)
Mostly I watched this one because I've only played the demo and was curious to see what's in the rest of it, but aaaaa this is gorgeous. The wistfulness of the music is such a perfect complement to the visuals.

Yellow Flicker Beat (Transistor)
SPEAKING OF GORGEOUS. There's a hell of a lot of pretty in this year's Festivids (as always), but this may well be one of the prettiest of all. *__*

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Porn Battle PSA

In case anyone's not heard about it: the Porn Battle proper may be taking a hiatus this year, but the PB amnesty comm will be holding a Golden Oldies round between Feb 15th & 25th. All prompts from all battles past are available for filling, so if you're in the mood to knock off some porn, you're bound to find something that tickles your fancy. :D

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Wordcount roundup for January

Ahahahaha, I've been so distracted by Festivids that I almost forgot this. (Seriously, I've watched almost a hundred vids in the past four days. XD;)

WordcountCollapse )

Roundup notesCollapse )

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So Festivids's happened!

I got an After Earth vid! \o/! (Am also very happy with the reception of my own vids, the relative fandom sizes considered. <3 And my devious scheme of making my recipient's Festivids succeeded gloriously, yay!)

Recs will happen eventually, but for now I'm just running through the masterlist and collecting links. A whole lot of awesome in there!

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